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If you have not done so already, make sure you sign up and get your Sweepstakes 13 Account. You will have access to the Latest Sweepstakes and Contests 24 hours day all for FREE. You can customize your own personal list to keep track of your favorites with alerts letting you know when they are expiring. All yours to use to make your Sweeping faster and easier. Okay, so you want to start entering Sweepstakes. Your excited and dream about all the cash and prizes you can win. You spend the next 4 weeks entering everyday and nothing happens? Do not give up though. Many people do give up and that is where you hear "Nobody wins, they are not for real". If you want to win consistently, you need to be persistent and have patients. Again, we can not stress that enough. Winning your first prize could take months. The only way around that is to keep entering until you win. All those entries will eventually start to pay off sooner or later. Are you guaranteed to eventually win a new house or car if you keep entering Sweepstakes? No, of course not. The excitement and rush you do get from winning even a smaller prize is amazing. If you get bit by the "Sweeps Bug" after your first win, then your hooked for life!

A good foundation always makes a much better outcome. Being organized when it comes to entering Sweepstakes is a MUST.

We suggest putting together a spread sheet. Keep track of all your Sweepstakes you have entered and continue to enter. Using the spreadsheet along with setting up a Sweepstakes 13 Account will make things much easier for you. Having the spreadsheet will serve many purposes like knowing what you have won in the past, tax reasons, are you winning more one-time entries verses daily?, and so on. You will want the name of the Sweeps, sponsor, contact information, entry page, frequency you can enter, start and end date and dates, plus the dates you have entered already. It is up to you as to the information you want to track but keeping some type of tracking system will help you out in the long run.

Keep the solicitations in check - It is much advised to set up an email to use just for sweepstakes entries. That way you are not plugging up your personal email if that address ends up getting spammed. You know to look to that address only for winning notifications as well. There are a ton of opportunities to get a free email address and we go into that further down in this article.

RoboForm is a MUST for Sweepers. But also for entering any forms. RoboForm saves your entry information so you do not have to keep typing it over and over. If you enter Sweepstakes and Contests everyday RoboForm will be a much welcomed blessing. To try RoboForm for FREE - Click Here.

Layout a schedule for entering Sweepstakes, Contests , Giveaways etc. and stick to it.

Entering consistently means more entries - More entries increases your odds for winning. Set a goal or a minimum amount to enter each day. If you are busy like most of us are, then be selective and only enter the ones you really want to win. A day with only a couple of Sweepstakes entries is a day with no entries. Just make sure you set aside time everyday to make entries. If you happen to miss a day or a couple of days do not sweat it. Just jump back into it as soon as you can and keep plugging away.

Speed and Rhythm - The less time you waste with entering forms, the better. That is one big reason why using RoboForm is so crucial. Like the saying "Time is money". The more Sweepstakes you can enter in the time you have blocked off for yourself, the more you could win. You want to hurry but do not go to fast. Remember, you should read through the rules, especially if you are just starting out. After you have done it for a while you will be able to fly through the rules and know exactly what to look for.

What type of entry Sweepstakes are the best odds for entering? - Daily, Weekly, Monthly? If your schedule does not allow you to enter frequently then entering Sweepstakes that only allow one entry per person would be your best bet. If you can actually enter Sweepstakes daily that allow it, you are better off then most people. Most people do not enter Sweepstakes on a daily basis that allow it.

A sweepstakes strategy helps you cut down on wasted time, while avoiding duplicate entries. Here are some tips on setting up a strategy that works for you:

Before you enter a sweepstakes for the first time, be sure to read through the rules first. There is nothing worse than wasting time entering a sweepstake that you can't win because you're not eligible. It would not be a nice feeling knowing that you have been selected as the winner but can not collect the prize because you did not read the rules correctly. Read the rules always, especially if you are new or if it is a Sweepstake you are not familiar with.

Several Sweepstakes will give you the option of receiving more entries if you refer the Sweepstakes to your friends, family, and social media. Using referrals is a great way to increase your odds of winning.

There are always more sweepstakes to enter then there is time to enter all of them. That's why it's a good idea to narrow them down and focus only on the main Sweepstakes you want to enter. When you select a Sweepstakes to enter, you will always look at the prize first. Then take a step back and think, "Do I really want to win this one?" Then check out the odds of winning. Look to see if there is something about the Sweepstake that gives you an advantage. The sweepstakes with the prizes you want to win the most and the ones where the best odds of winning are what you will want to enter first.

Try and not to get hung up on certain Sweepstakes you want to win. Some people get their hearts set on winning one particular Sweepstake. When that does not happen, you feel disappointed and discouraged. Keep in mind there are always plenty of Sweepstakes to enter.

Simply, fill out the entry form and send them in. Forget about what you just entered and then move on to the next one. If you win, you'll be pleasantly surprised and if you don't, you won't feel badly about your entry. Always be looking ahead when you enter sweepstakes. Looking back to much is wasted time. Use that time to move forward.

The key to moving forward is moving forward with a positive attitude. You need to keep entering even though you know the odds are stacked against you. Holding on to an optimistic outlook will keep you going through the ups and downs. Every Sweeper no matter how experienced they are goes through that.

When it comes to luck you will hear many theories like "You were born with it" or "There is no such thing, it is all by chance". Does it seem like some people are luckier than others, yes it does. However, to change your luck or fate as it may be there are some things you can do to alter the outcome.

A common mistake for sweepers is not providing accurate contact information. If the sponsors can't get in touch with you to tell you about your win, what is the point of entering to begin with? Email: Get an email address just for entering Sweepstakes. Gmail and Yahoo offer them for free as most of us know already. That way, if you move you can always keep it. There is nothing worse than using a an email to enter Sweepstakes then having to change it after entering several Sweepstakes. Then you win, but you can not be contacted.

The same goes for a phone number. You can get Google Voice for FREE. You really only need a phone number for inbound calls and for voicemail messages. Messages telling you that you have won of course! Google Voice has other features but focusing on the inbound, you can take calls with your own personal Free number that you have selected along with setting up voicemail to collect messages. The great thing about it is the messages can be emailed to you so you do not have to keep checking the actual voicemail. So your Sweepstakes email and phone all are connected into one. However, you can still have it forwarded to ring into your cell or home phone if you want. It is inbound, so they will never know those numbers it is being forward too. Finally, NEVER EVER us your personal email or cell/home phone numbers when filling out forms. Most of them will say in the rules they will never sell or give your information to a third-party. Unfortunately, that is not always true.

The key is to check your email, phone and snail-mail daily. Really check through because with snail-mail or even email, some winning notifications can look like junk-mail and it is not.

Educate yourself and be a smart Sweeper. There are many scams out there that feed off of people like you everyday who have a big thirst for winning. Often scams have some factors in common that will help you distinguish them from real wins.


Here are some things to look for:

  • Sweepstakes Scams Require You Pay to Receive the Prize A Legitimate Sweepstakes Will Always Be Free
  • Sweepstakes Scams Use Free E-mail Accounts Some smaller Sweepstakes might use free email accounts. However, when you receive a win notice from a larger Sweepstakes like HGTV and they are using a free email address. It is not legit. Delete it.
  • Sweepstakes Scams Tell You You've Won - But You Don't Recognize the Contest? This is where keeping a good tracking system comes in. A quick glance at your spread sheet will tell if you have entered that Sweepstakes. If you have not entered it before then you know it is another scam.
  • Sweepstakes Scams Send You a Large Check with your Notification If you have won a cash sweepstakes all legitimate sweepstakes require signed and many times notorized affidavits before sending out any prize valued of $600 or more. The affidavit is to confirm that the information you submitted on your entry form is correct. The sponsors may also ask and have you confirm that they can publish your name as the sweepstakes winner for publicity purposes.
  • Sweepstakes Scams That Want You to Wire Them Money Again, with a legit Sweepstakes you will never have to pay to enter or accept a win.
  • Sweepstakes Scams Pressure You to Act in a Hurry Chances are if they want you to act in a hurry is because they want money. Occasionally they might have a question and that is fine to answer. Questions are not fine if they are asking for your bank account number.
  • Sweepstakes Scams Require Bank or Credit Card Information to Receive Your Prize Legitimate Sweepstakes will never send money through direct deposit or will need to withdraw money from your account. The only other personal information they should ever need is your Social Security number.
  • The "Win" is From a Lottery To win the lottery you need to buy a ticket. Any lottery will never contact you if you have a winning ticket. You need to contact them with the winning ticket.
  • Sweepstakes Scams Often Don't Use Your Name If you receive a notice by email or snail-mail that you have won and it is not addressed using your name it is a for sure scam. Scams like that send them out by the thousands. Often from purchased email lists without names.
  • Sweepstakes Scams That Try and Make You Think They are from the Government Government organizations will not be involved in awarding sweepstakes prizes.
  • Sweepstakes Scam Notifications Are Usually Sent Via Bulk Mail A legit win notification will often be sent by first class postage or services such as FedEx or UPS. They want to make sure is arrives on your door-step in a reasonable amount of time. Bulk email is always sent the cheapest way possible. The scammers want to send as many out as they can for the least amount of money.
  • Sweepstakes Scams Contain Many Typos This is a very common red flag. Many Sweepstakes scams originate outside of the US. Typos can happen from time to time. However, most of the time the errors you will see when it comes to a scam are so blatantly obvious. Usually it is not just one but many.
  • Network with other Sweepers - A great to get to know other Sweepers is visiting a Forum or Chat Room. You can always learn something new and the in's and out's of Sweeping from a different point of view.
  • Sweeping can be a very fun hobby. Have fun playing the games, learning about new products and getting to know other Sweepers like yourself.

Good Luck!
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