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Lucky Charm… Do they really work?

Can a Lucky Charm really help you win more Sweepstakes & Contests?

Some people will wear a Lucky Charm while others think that they’re silly.

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Either way, it could be possible to influence or persuade luck with a rabbit’s foot or with a stuffed animal. Having a Lucky Charm can also be a lot of fun. Anything that makes entering Sweepstakes and Contests more fun and you more likely to enter them will boost your odds. So if you don’t have one already, here are some popular Lucky Charms and Lucky Symbols to inspire you.

The old tradition of digging out the “Wishbone” from a Thanksgiving turkey is an ancient custom going back to the Etruscans and Romans of the 4th century. They would use a turkey or chicken for wishbone pulling contests. The winner with the largest bone piece from pulling the wishbone apart would be granted good luck and all they wished for before the contest started.

The “Caduceus” is an ancient symbol of good luck in the countries of India, Egypt, Greece and many other Mediterranean countries. This Luck Charm is said to ward off illness and bring peace if there are any disagreements. The wings represent the wings of the ancient God Mercury. Mercury is known as the messenger of hope & peace. The coiled snake around the pole represent the balance of good and evil. You will find this as a common logo used by medical profession today.

The “Star’ Lucky Charm has been seen as a good luck symbol for centuries.

There are many stories about the geometric shape dated back to Pythagoras who is said to have designed the symbol and the meaning is of “Perfection”. They had believed the stars in the sky told your fate and fortune. If you wore a star charm it would bring a further blessing of good luck.  The “Ankh Luck Charm” is an old Egyptian “cross” used to bring the wearer good fortune. The Ankh also represents eternal life and the power of the sun deity to grant wishes and desires.
The “Rabbit’s foot” is one of the most common modern Lucky Charm symbols of a good luck. You can find it used around the world as a key chain. According to research, several million rabbits feet are sold every year in America. In Western Europe, prior to 600 B.C., man considered rabbits to be sacred, because of their belief that spirits inhabited the bodies.
The “Horseshoe” is a very old symbol of good luck. This Luck Charm was used to prevent the “evil eye” from entering a person’s life or home. If you place the horseshoe over a doorway with the ends facing up, it is meant to keep all well under its arch. There is also an old legend that about Celtic people using the iron horseshoe over their doorway to ward off bothersome fairies that are supposed to be “allergic” to iron.
Lucky Charms
The “OM” which is also known as the “AUM” in the Hindu faith. It is said to be the very first sound the universe spoke as it came into existence many years ago. The Lucky Charm symbol is supposed to bring good luck and spiritual power.  The “Hand” or Hamas Hand is an old symbol of good luck reflected in many cultures: Arabs, Israelis, Native Americans and many ancient civilizations such as the Incas. The open extended hand has usually been a symbol of protection and great spiritual power.
The “Hand of Fatima”, which is the daughter of Mohammed, is an Islam Lucky Charm of good luck and blessings. The fingers represent: faith, charity, prayer, pilgrimage and fasting. The Jewish faith calls the open hand Lucky Charm “The Hand of Miriam”. They believe the person who wears the Lucky Charm will be blessed with good fortune. Throughout Europe from the middle ages on the symbol was said to ward off “the Evil Eye”. They say that Gypsies would hold their hand up to a person with bad spiritual energy saying “Talk to the Hand”. It is funny how that phrase has come full circle to present day.
The “Four Leaf Clover” also a Shamrock, is on old Celtic symbol that is said to bring good luck in four ways: fame, wealth, health and love. The Irish say, if you wear a four-leaf clover Lucky Charm “your love will come to you”. If you grow them around your house no evil will harm you.
“Eye of Horus” is an ancient Egyptian Lucky Charm symbol drawn on the side of structures or made into pendants. They are worn to bring good luck and keep evil away.
The Chinese believe that the ancient “Dragon Mask” is an omen of good luck for the New Year. The mask represents an important part of China’s history and culture.  Although the Chinese “Dragon “Mask may not hold the same significance that it once did, no modern New Years parade is complete without it.
Lucky Charm
Ancient “Coins” are worn as pendant charms with the belief they carry good energy to ward off present day evil. The Chinese were one of the first countries to use metal coinage.  The ‘ya sheng coins” such as the huaqian”flower coins” and the “play coins” the “wanqian”, were not used as money but rather to stop evil spirits, bring “good luck”, “good fortune” and to keep away misfortune.
“Angels” are worn by many people of various faiths as pins, rings and pendants. This Lucky Charm is a symbol of good blessings and to ward off evil.
The “Acorn”, also called oak apples, is an old symbol carried by a “believer”. The “believer” who felt its magic would keep them young and attract the opposite sex, bringing prosperity to the beholder. During the Norman Conquest, the English carried dried acorns as a Luck Charm to protect themselves from the brutalities of the day.
“3 Keys” worn together are said to be a Lucky Charm. They unlock the doors of wealth, health, and love. The Greeks used one key as a symbol for knowledge and life. Having a gold and silver key crossed is a papal emblem of authority and translates to mean the “keys to the kingdom of heaven.”
The “Horn” is worn world-wide as a modern symbol of good luck and as a phallic amulet of power and sexual virility that attracts power and the opposite sex. It has been a power symbol for centuries and seems to never have lost its popularity with males across diverse cultures.
Lucky Charm
The “Number 7” also known as Lucky Seven, is a symbol of good luck and can be seen worn as a Lucky Charm. Some reasons for the lucky 7. in Christianity Jesus tells Peter to forgive 70 times 7 times and so on. The Japanese tradition has 7 “Lucky Gods”, the Buddha walked 7 steps at birth, and 7 is the number of earths and heavens in Islam.
One well-known superstition shared with children across the globe is never kill a “Ladybug” because doing so will bring you bad luck. The source of this of this superstition comes from farmers, who wanted to protect them because they are efficient crop defenders. They protect their crops from insects who harm their crops. Some cultures also say if a “Ladybug” lands on you it will bring good luck. Also, whatever a ladybug lands on will be replaced with an improved version. Feng shui, which is the art of arranging spaces for optimum flow of energy, will often incorporate the ladybug symbol.

Good Luck!

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